Welcom to Bojpuriya Association of North America
Welcom to Bojpuriya Association of North America
The largest Bhojpuriya Community in USA
Celebrate Holi
Celebrate Holi
with Bhojupriya rang
Celebrate Teez
Celebrate Teez
with Bhojpuri Geet
Celebrate Makar Sankranti
Celebrate Makar Sankranti
with Bhojpuriya fun
Feel Blessed with Chatth
Feel Blessed with Chatth
in Bhojpuriya Devotion
Bhojpuriya Community

The Bhojpuriya Association of North America is a very close-knit group of people from Bhojpuriya culture settled in Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas, USA. Our goal is to keep the language, culture and festivals alive far away from motherland.

Bhojpuriya Events

Celebrate Teej, Makar Sankranti, Holi, Diwali and Chhath as one big family with your Bhojpuriya Community.  Enjoy togetherness and fill your weekends with Satyanarayan puja, Sundarkand path and fun parties.

Join Us

We need your Support and we are always here for you.  Support Bhojpuriya in USA. Work with us to keep Bhojpuri language and culture alive in America and help your Bhojpuriya community. To be part of this big family, join BANA today.


Bringing together the Bhojpuri-speaking community in Texas, USA to share the commonalities in culture, language and traditions in Bhojpuri and to promote this language to future generations


To Preserve and Promote Bhojpuri language, Bhojpuri culture and Bhojpuriya Tradition by establishing a strong and supportive community in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and across USA.

Meet the Team

Know the flag bearers...

Sailesh Mishra
Sailesh Mishra Founder

America has always been known as the leader to the rest of the world. It is therefore important for us to continue to play the leadership role in the advancement of Bhojpuri language and culture, just as we do in science and technology. We also need to re-define the image of Bhojpuri in India and rest of the world by setting an example and revive our glorious past. Let us join hands together, unite and work for the recognition and promotion of Bhojpuri – despite all language variations, societal compulsions, peer pressure from non-Bhojpuri speakers and share the culture, tradition, arts, music and language that our forefathers gave us with hope and trust.

Dr. Nandlal Singh
Dr. Nandlal Singh Texas Regional Director

Bhojpuria culture and its values have always led the world since the time when Chandragupt Maurya organized and created the first known India. We have to continue to improve, support and build on these values so that our coming generation can remember and benefit from the same culture and values which we all have benefited from. I would love all my fellow Bhojpuria community members to join me and help preserve our culture. I also organize the largest Kavi Sammelan in USA and would love to see more and more participants not only from India but new and upcoming poets from USA too.

Deo P Singh
Deo P Singh Organizer

I am originally from Barh (Patna ), Bihar. Our roots are in Kathar (Shahabad District) near Dumrao. My family’s background has been in teaching and education. My father, late Sri. Suraj Prasad Singh was the senior most Principle of Magadh University. I also worked 14 years as a Math lecturer in Barh before moving to USA.

I am very passionate about preserving the Bhojpuri legacy. My involvement in cultural organizations is to ensure that our culture is celebrated and the torch is carried forward by our next generation. I have been Past president Rana Southwest (Texas, Oklahoma) chapter (2014-2016). I also held the position of Texas Director IHA (International Hindi Association) (2015-2017). I am currently pleased to be serving as BANA DFW Organizer, as this keeps me connected to my roots.

Rajeev Thakur
Rajeev Thakur DFW Director

I believe in preserving Bhojpuri culture and traditions, and ensures that the next generation appreciates their roots. 

Shailendra Singh
Shailendra Singh Convener

Bhojpuri culture is on decline in US. We are steadily getting separated from the culture of our ancestors that came in our blood and genes. It helped us survive and prosper. Future is not bright, if we don’t stop its decline. Hundreds of immigrant cultures have vanished here, as they have been absorbed in mainstream America or abandoned.
We need to practice, use and show Bhojpuria culture little every day. Food is the easiest; most of us love the home cooked food that our mothers made. Clothes are not that difficult too. Just make a habit of using traditional clothes whenever you go to functions. People enjoy talking to others who are different, especially if they are proud of their heritage. Bhojpuri language can be a little challenging to practice here but it can be done. Make an effort to read and speak.

Krishna Bhaskar
Krishna Bhaskar Member at Large

Texas is the new Bhojpur!! Born and brought up in Patna and lived in Texas for two decades, I must say that if there is a place to cultivate the Bhojpuriya culture far away from home, Texas is the place. I truly find myself fortunate to be associated with BANA in DFW metroplex. There are not enough words to emphasize how BANA pariwar is together to share every peak and valley of life. Our hearts stay together, our kids grow up together and we constantly take selfies together. I love, live and breath the fragrance of BANA everyday.

Executive Committee